Memory and Energy

Emerging research shows that a anti-aging supplement may promote healthy memory and reverse memory loss. MitoForte contains a powerful and unique combination of nutrients shown in clinical trials and basic research to improve memory. MitoForte provides clinically relevant amounts of Huperzine A, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and the powerful antioxidants Turmeric and N-Acetyl-Cysteine.

Huperzine A
, an extract from the plant, Huperzia serrata has been used in China for centuries for various ailments, including boosting memory. Extensive research in last twenty years has defined Huperzine A as a powerful compound for improving memory. In China, where the traditional uses of plants dates by millennia, Huperzine A has been approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Diseaes (AD).1 In the United States, Huperzine A is available as a dietary supplement ingredient. Clinical trials show it improves memory and mental function in people with dementia by 60% or more.2 Huperzine A has also been established as a proven way to promote “factual memory,” “recognition,” “association”, and “accumulation” in people without dementia.3

Huperzine A increases achetylcholine (ACH), the powerful memory-enhancing chemical in the brain. It does this by decreasing ACH breakdown by the enzyme acetylcholine esterase (ACHE). According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), ‘‘Huperzine A appears to be strongly specific for AChE, which suggests that it can be effective without the adverse effects that have been caused by drugs used to treat memory loss and dementia.”4

Research has concluded that acetyl-L-carnitine nutrients in a memory supplement can improve memory and cognitive function.5 Carnitine is an amino acid that stimulates the breakdown of fats for cellular energy. Two-thirds of the brain is fat, and providing nutrients that stimulate the pathways for energy production in the brain can help increase memory and cognitive function, which are energy-intensive processes. The hippocampus is a vital structure in the brain that stores short term memories. L-carnitine has been shown to prevent damage to the hippocampus and improve memory.6 Alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant, has been studied for its beneficial effects in people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.7,8,9 It has also been shown to improve memory when used in conjunction with L-carnitine as an anti-aging supplement.10,11,12

Drs. Neustadt and Pieczenik's research on MitoForte is so powerful that they were recognized as one of the Top Ten Cited Authors in 2007 and 2008 by Elsevier for their article, "Mitochondrial dysfunction and molecular pathways of disease," published in the journal, Experimental and Molecular Pathology.

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