Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements and minerals, such as iron and magnesium, are important for bone health and other processes in the body. 

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in bone. It’s in every osteoporosis supplement, marketed heavily by supplement companies and recommended by every doctor. The FDA has approved calcium supplements to “reduce osteoporosis risk.”1 But most calcium supplements contain calcium carbonate, which is poorly absorbed. The most absorbable forms are calcium citrate and calcium malate.

However, calcium, and even calcium with vitamin D, is not enough. Studies show that these nutrients alone only reduce fractures by 16%. But 45 mg/day MK4™, a form of vitamin K2, when combined with calcium and vitamin D, reduced fractures by more than 80% in clinical trials. That's why our calcium supplement, Osteo-K, contains a full-day’s supply of calcium (as citrate/malate) and vitamin D3, plus 45 mg of MK4. These nutrients can help promote stronger bones.

Another important mineral for health is iron. But most iron supplements contain iron gluconate or iron sulfate. Both cause constipation and cramping. FerroSolve, our iron supplement, contains a specially-formulated amino acid chelated form of iron. Studies show that it’s seventy-five percent absorbable and doesn’t cause the constipation or gastrointestinal upset that keep women from taking iron supplements.

How Does Your Calcium Supplement Compare?
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comparing Osteo-K to leading calcium supplements, such as Viactiv, Citracal, Bone-Up, Os-Cal and Caltrate.

You can also learn more by reading the monograph on calcium supplements and see a complete list of bone health topics.


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