Osteo-K FAQ: Osteo-K and Drug Interactions

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Q: Will the MK4 in Osteo-K interact with heparin?
No. MK4 does not interact with heparin.

Q: If I'm taking aspirin, can I still take Osteo-K?
Yes. None of the ingredients in Osteo-K, including MK4, interfere with the effects of aspirin.

Q: If I'm taking warfarin (coumadin), can I still take Osteo-K?
No. Vitamin K, which is in Osteo-K, will interfere with warfarin (coumadin). Warfarin works to prevent blood clots by blocking how the body uses vitamin K to form blood clots. Taking vitamin K while taking warfarin overrides this mechanism and makes warfarin less effective. People taking warfarin absolutely cannot take Osteo-K.

Q: Can I take Osteo-K with my osteoporosis medication?
Yes. The ingredients in Osteo-K are safe to take with osteoporosis medications. In fact, one clinical trial showed taking MK4 with Fosamax improved the benefits of the medication.