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General Osteo-K Questions About osteoporosis
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MK4, bone building and fracture prevention

Calcium and osteoporosis

Q: Does Osteo-K contain MK4™?
Yes, plus other important nutrients for bone health. Each six capsules of Osteo-K contain 45 mg of MK4, a form of vitamin K2, 1000 mg calcium (citrate) and 2000 units Vitamin D3.

Q: Osteo-K seems to be expensive, why is that?
Osteo-K is more expensive than other calcium supplements because the raw material, MK4, is very costly. We have to import it from Japan and the market in the US has not been developed enough to bring the cost down. However, since taking Osteo-K means you won't have to separate buy bottles of vitamin K, calcium, vitamin D and the other nutrients in Osteo-K, the cost of Osteo-K is actually less than buying each of these separately. Additionally, we pay extra to have our products tested for purity and potency and to have our products manufactured at a FDA-registered drug manufacturing facility. These NBI manufacturing standards ensure our products exceed the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by the US FDA.

Q: Who created Osteo-K?
Osteo-K, a bone support dietary supplement, was created by physicians from Harvard, Cornell, MIT and Bastyr. After years of Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s wife taking Fosamax without any benefit, and with painful side effects, he and his partner, Dr. John Neustadt began researching natural ways women and men can promote their bone health.

Q: How is Osteo-K different from other bone support formulas?
Osteo-K is the only osteoporosis supplement that contains the amount (45 mg) and form of vitamin K (MK4) plus calcium and vitamin D shown in clinical trials to prevent fractures.

Why Osteo-K clobbers the competition: click to view a chart comparing Osteo-K to other leading calcium supplements, such as Viactiv, Citracal, Bone-Up, Os-Cal and Caltrate.

Q: Is Osteo-K gluten free?
Yes. All of our NBI dietary supplements are completely gluten free.

Q: Are the Osteo-K capsules vegetarian?
Yes. All our capsules are 100% vegetarian cellulose capsules.

Q: Why doesn't Osteo-K contain strontium?
For several reasons. First, clinical trials show that MK4 decreases fractures better than strontium--81% for MK4 versus 44% for strontium. Second, strontium decreases calcium absorption, and calcium is an important nutrient. Third the form of strontium used in all the clinical trials is strontium ranelate. Currently strontium ranelate is only available in Europe. Strontium in the US is available as strontium citrate, which has never been studied and shown to decrease fractures. Finally, strontium interferes with bone density scans and provides false results. The question of strontium and osteoporosis is a good one, but the research at this time supports MK4 over strontium.