Osteo-K FAQ: How to Take Osteo-K

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Q: How do I take Osteo-K?
Three capsules twice daily with food.

Q: Why do I have to take Osteo-K twice a day?
Because in order to maintain an elevated blood level of MK4 it must be taken multiple times each day. Also, the clinical trials that have shown a preservation of bone mineral density and prevention of fractures used multiple daily doses of MK4. Because Osteo-K delivers 1,200 mg calcium per serving, the body cannot absorb all that calcium at one time. That is another reason to take Osteo-K mutliple times a day.

Q: Can I still take Osteo-K if I have trouble swallowing capsules?
Yes. People who have difficulty swallowing capsules can simply open the capsules and sprinkle the nutrients over food or in a smoothie. Whatever you decide to eat the nutrients with, it must contain some fat because vitamins K and D are fat soluble and are absorbed better when taken with some fat. It is not recommended to empty the contents into juice, sodas or water.

Q: How many capsules are in a bottle of Osteo-K?
There are 180 capsules per bottle, a thirty day supply.