Which Osteo-K Is For You?

NBI sent a survey to its customers, and Osteo-K Minis™ is a result of the feedback we received. We listened to our customers, who told us that 60% of them liked to original Osteo-K formulation, and about 40% would like a product with less calcium and fewer capsules, but with the same amount of bone health benefits. Osteo-K Minis is that product.

Osteo-K Minis is easier and more convenient to take than the original Osteo-K formula. Osteo-K Minis delivers the same powerful nutrients--MK4, vitamin D and calcium--in just four capsules per day, which are smaller and easier to swallow. It also comes in smaller bottle that fits easier in a purse or suitcase so you can now take your Osteo-K Minis with you while out for the day or travelling for longer periods of time.

Osteo-K Minis does all this without sacrificing its powerful ability to grow stronger bones because it still contains the same amount of MK4 (45 mg daily) and vitamin D3 (2000 IU daily) as the original Osteo-K formula. Clinical trials show that calcium and vitamin D only reduce fractures about 16%. When MK4 is added to that--even in amounts found in both Osteo-K Minis and Osteo-K--clinical trials showed fractures decreased by 80% or more.

But which one is right for you? See the chart and questions below to help you decide.

Osteo-K Product Comparison Chart

  Osteo-K Osteo-K Minis
Serving per bottle 60 60
How long does a bottle last? 30 days 30 days
Capsule per bottle 180 120
Capsules per day recommended 6 4
Calcium amount per day 1000 mg 400 mg
Calcium form citrate citrate
Vitamin D3 2000 IU 2000 IU
MK4 45 mg 45 mg
Fracture reduction* 87%  87%
Capsule size** Larger Smaller
Bottle size Larger Smaller
Capsule type Vegetarian ceullulose Vegetarian ceullulose

*Fracture Reduction. Most dietary supplements contain ingredients that have never been shown to decrease fractures and inferior forms of ingredients that the body cannot absorb and use. Calcium and vitamin D have only been shown to decrease fractures by about 16%. However, research shows that when MK4 is added to an osteoporosis supplement it can decrease fractures by up to 87%. Other ingredients, such as MK7, magnesium and boron in osteoporosis supplements have never been shown to reduce fractures in human clinical trials.

**Osteo-K contains "00" capsules while Osteo-K Minis has what is called "Cap 1" size capsules. Osteo-K's capsules measure 0.319" x 0.900" while Osteo-K Minis capsules are 0.262" x 0.732". Osteo-K Minis capsules are about 20% shorter and 10% slimmer than the Osteo-K original formula capsules.

Questions to help you decide which Osteo-K is right for you

  1. How much calcium has your doctor recommended?
    If you doctor has recommended 1000 mg of calcium as a dietary supplement then you should take Osteo-K. If less was recommended, or you feel that less calcium as a dietary supplement would be better for you, then Osteo-K Minis is what you should be taking.
  2. Do you have difficulty swallowing larger capsules?
    Some people simply cannot swallow larger capsules. With the original Osteo-K formula, we have often recommended people open the capsules and mix the nutrients with room temperature or colder food, such as yogurt or cottage cheese. This works well for many people. However, if you feel less calcium would be adequate for you, and can swallow the smaller capsules in Osteo-K Minis, then Osteo-K Minis is the product you should take.
  3. How many capsules each day do you feel you can regularly take?
    Compliance, which in medicine is the ability for patients to follow the recommendations being made to them, is a serious issue. In NBI's 2012 customer survey, it found that 78% of people taking Osteo-K took it every day; however, 22% of customers reported that they took it six days or less per week. The reasons were varied as to why people did not take them every day, but a few people reported that they would take it more frequently if there were fewer capsules to take each day. If you need fewer capsules each day, then Osteo-K Minis is the product for you. If taking a couple more capsules each day to give you the additional calcium is what you would like, then the original Osteo-K formula is what you need.