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30. Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Ugo

Episode Summary

The shocking and untimely death of actor Chadwick Boseman from colon cancer at 43 years old has shone a spotlight on the importance of screening and treatment. To dispel the myths about colon cancer and help people understand what they can do to protect themselves, I’m joined by Dr. Ugo Iroku. Dr. Ugo is a Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health trained physician. He is a board-certified gastroenterologist at New York Gastroenterology Associates serving also as a voluntary faculty at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:36] What is colorectal cancer
  • [03:30] Does everyone get polyps 
  • [04:30] Are people who are healthy and with no family history of colon cancer still at risk
  • [06:00] What diet patterns help reduce colon cancer
  • [07:00] Does eating more fibers help reduce colon cancer risks 
  • [08:15] The underlying symptoms of colon cancer
  • [10:00] Different screenings for colon cancer 
  • [16:03] Is early detection the way to cure colon cancer
  • [19:15] What age should you get a colon cancer screening
  • [21:30] How frequent should people get screened 
  • [23:45] Why African Americans are more likely to die from colon cancer
  • [26:15] Statistics on Latinos dying from colon cancer 
  • [27:30] Is access to healthcare a factor to minorities dying from colon cancer
  • [29:30] Is the lack of minority representation in clinical trials affecting data
  • [33:15] Dr. Ugo’s parting words

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