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31. Neural Network and Rewiring Your Brain

Episode Summary

Habits are wired into your brain using neural networks. These nerve superhighways—parallel neurons lined up like lanes on a freeway—make your brain incredibly fast. The more you repeat an action, the more neurons your brain wire together and the larger your neural networks become. To create new habits, you must rewire your brain to fire differently. Dr. Neustadt shares the key ingredients you need to accomplish that. 

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [00:35] How your habits are wired into your brain using neural networking 
  • [01:51] Neural networks are the underlying infrastructure that creates your habits 
  • [02:45] “A habit is simply a mental association that kicks in when you’re in a specific situation”
  • [03:35] If you have a habit of checking your phone in the morning, simply waking up triggers the urge to grab it
  • [06:20] Brain chemicals determine how you feel 
  • [09:22] Neural networks make tasks so efficient they free the brain up for other things 
  • [12:14] How to know you’re creating a strong neural network
  • [14:32] Neural Networks simply react to immediate ques in the environment and the emotions you’re experiencing 
  • [16:10] Why living in high stress for a long period of time makes serotonin less powerful 
  • [17:46] A trigger is anything that creates a change in how you feel
  • [18:49] Three things you can do to rewire your brain
  • [21:30] It takes time and repetition to rewire your brain and help you reach your goals

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