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32. A Teenager Navigating the Pandemic with Nate Neustadt

Episode Summary

The social isolation from the pandemic is hitting children hard. Separated from their friends, unable to go to school and staring for hours and hours every day at a screen is taking its toll. Nate Neustadt, a 15-year-old high school freshman and my son, talks about how he’s coping with all of this. Like everyone else, his world was completely turned upside down earlier this year by the global pandemic. He shares lessons he’s learned about resilience, coping in the face of uncertainty, and how other kids can make the best of this horrible public health crisis. Nate is an athlete, a public speaker, and author of the book, Bullied Not Broken: When the Bullies Don’t WinImportant note: Children are struggling. While we don’t talk about teen suicide risk in this episode, if you have any concerns about your child’s physical and emotional welfare, reach out to your physician for additional help and resources.  

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:58] How life has changed for teenagers and Nate in particular
  • 03:21] The emotional toll the pandemic is having on kids
  • [04:18] Tips on staying positive during such uncertain times
  • [07:07] How people can adapt their fitness routine during quarantine 
  • [10:00] Nate’s advice to his peers on combating depression
  • [11:17]  How to break the negativity cycle
  • [13:50] What resilience means to Nate
  • [16:40] Nate’s advice to parents on helping their kids get through the pandemic
  • [16:45] Check in with your kids
  • [17:20] Be positive around your kids
  • [21:20] Keep it light 
  • [22:02] Nate’s parting words to teenagers

Resources talked about in this episode

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43. Listener Q&A

43. Listener Q&A

Today I answer listeners’ questions. Frequently people reach out to me with health questions. And doing a Listener Q&A gives me a chance to answer those questions and share that with you, because typically if someone has a question, there are lots of people with the same question who simply haven’t asked it.

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