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40. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Dr. Todd Born

Episode Summary

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a devastating condition that leaves people struggling for answers and solutions. Too often they’re told that it’s just in their head and are prescribed antidepressants. Conventional medicine struggles to effectively treat CFS because it’s a complex, chronic condition that involves many systems in the body. Dr. Todd A Born demystifies CFS and helps you understand what you can do to fix it. Dr. Born is a naturopathic physician, certified nutrition specialist (CNS) and co-owner and medical director of Born Integrative Medicine Specialists.


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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:24] What is chronic fatigue syndrome 
  • [04:24[ How Dr. Born helps his patients figure out if they have chronic fatigue syndrome 
  • [06:45] The difference between conventional testing and the testing Dr. Born runs on his patients 
  • [11:53] What kind of cortisol test does gives the best clinical picture 
  • [15:40] Typical chronic fatigue patient patterns 
  • [18:15] Dr. Born’s approach to infections as an underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • [21:43] How Lyme disease can be an underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome 
  • [24:33] How people approach their doctors about infections
  • [29:15] Are gut infections underlying causes for chronic fatigue
  • [32:15] Dr. Born’s parting words

Resources talked about in this episode

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43. Listener Q&A

43. Listener Q&A

Today I answer listeners’ questions. Frequently people reach out to me with health questions. And doing a Listener Q&A gives me a chance to answer those questions and share that with you, because typically if someone has a question, there are lots of people with the same question who simply haven’t asked it.

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