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43. Listener Q&A

Episode Summary

Today I answer listeners’ questions. Frequently people reach out to me with health questions. And doing a Listener Q&A gives me a chance to answer those questions and share that with you, because typically if someone has a question, there are lots of people with the same question who simply haven’t asked it. 


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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:50] Why has my bone density suddenly dropped from when I last tested?
  • [05:30] Taking antidepressants can increase fracture risks
  • [08:10] Things that can cause depression
  • [14:08] I had COVID months ago and i’m still experiencing symptoms. What can I do?
  • [16:24] Is there a natural way to treat ADHD?
  • [20:55] How low blood sugar and lack of sleep can cause ADHD symptoms 
  • [24:00] Lack of nutrients can cause ADHD symptoms

Resources talked about in this episode

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94. Using Food as Medicine

94. Using Food as Medicine

In general, a whole food, unprocessed diet that emphasizes healthy protein and fats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, and lean meats or fish, is consistently linked to better health. But, you may be wondering, how specifically do healthy foods work their magic?

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