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48. COVID Vaccines with Dr. Daniela Weiskopf

Episode Summary

While people across the country are lining up for the vaccines, many folks still have questions about how the vaccines work, whether they’re safe and if they’ll be effective against emerging COVID variants. Here to talk to us about all of Daniela Weiskopf, Ph.D., a brilliant researcher at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Dr. Weiskopf has devoted her career to understanding the immune system’s response to viral pathogens and spent the last thirteen years studying infectious viruses relevant to human health and disease. Most recently she’s focused her efforts on COVID-19 to help understand how we can defeat this deadly disease. 

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:00] What got Dr. Weiskopf interested in studying COVID19
  • [03:45] What is so unique about the coronavirus and the way it spreads so quickly 
  • [5:30] The more the virus spreads from person to person, the more it will mutate
  • [07:30] What technology is used in the covid vaccines 
  • [10:30] How long are you immune to the virus when you get the vaccine 
  • [11:45] Is the vaccine safe
  • [14:45] Does the vaccine change your DNA
  • [17:30] Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women
  • [18:45] Will the vaccines be effective on other variants 
  • [21:30] Is there research being done on parts of the virus that don’t mutate as fast
  • [24:30] Is having a response after you get the vaccine a good thing
  • [26:41] Will the coronavirus vaccine eventually need multiple types of vaccines in one syringe 
  • [28:00] Does this virus surprise researchers in the way people react to it
  • [29:45] Dr. Weiskopf’s message of hope
  • [31:45] How effective is the vaccine, and can you still get infected
  • [33:15] Why we need two doses 
  • [34:18] How long does it take for your body to my protected after the vaccine 
  • [34:50] Dr. Weiskopf’s parting words

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