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54. Top Reasons People are Hospitalized from COVID-19

Episode Summary

A Tufts University Study has clarified that 66% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations are due to just four underlying medical conditions. And all of them are the result of long-term poor diet and lifestyle choices. Today I talk about those four conditions, the four things you can do to stop and start reversing them to reduce your risk.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:45] 66% of Covid 19 hospitalizations are due to these four conditions 
  • [03:50] Why a healthy diet is  important for your health 
  • [05:54] Strategies to break bad eating habits 
  • [09:00] Eating a high protein diet can help reduce your sugar cravings 
  • [12:30] The best way to shop your market 
  • [15:35] Exercise is important to reduce risks for chronic disease 
  • [17:30] Tips to starting an exercise routine that works for you
  • [20:05] Chronic stress can be dangerous to your health 
  • [21:45] How to get quality sleep 
  • [23:55] Tips for when you are feeling overwhelmed

Resources talked about in this episode

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94. Using Food as Medicine

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