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59. Tame Your Fear Brain with Dr. Kate Truitt

Episode Summary

Fear can get the best of any of us, and you know you can’t be your best self when you’re afraid and overwhelmed. That’s why it’s so important to learn skills that allow you to tame your fear brain and to help us understand exactly how to do that is Dr. Kate Truitt. Dr. Kate is a Clinical Psychologist committed to understanding the brain’s ability to transcend and transform the complex and beautiful relationship between nature and nurture. Her clinical practice, scientific studies, and training are specialized in the areas of stress, trauma, and resiliency. Her workshops have been attended by people around the world, and I can’t think of anyone better to talk to about this important topic. 

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:28] How Dr. Truitt got into studying the brain 
  • [03:25] How are people’s Amygdala being impacted during this pandemic 
  • [09:15] Where is the Amygdala located in the brain
  • [07:30] How does the Amygdala work 
  • [09:30] How can you cope with stress better
  • [10:45] What is psychosensory
  • [12:30] Havening technique how it works and how to do it
  • [18:30] Large amount of stress can make us make bad decisions 
  • [19:45] How many time should you be havening during the day
  • [22:30] How having compassion for yourself helps with how you are feeling
  • [26:30] The brain will better adapt and become more calm once the pandemic is over
  • [28:45] Dr. Truitt walks us through a soothe havening exercise 
  • [33:45] Dr. Truitt parting words

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94. Using Food as Medicine

94. Using Food as Medicine

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