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66. Lyme Disease – The Great Imitator – with Dr. Darin Ingels

Episode Summary

A doctor who struggles with an illness often becomes the expert, and that’s exactly what happened with today’s guest. For three years Dr. Darin Ingles battled Lyme disease. Conventional treatments didn’t help. He became progressively more and more debilitated until he found the right combination of diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies to heal. He applies what he learned to his own Lyme patients who recover faster and with fewer side effects. Dr. Ingels has now treated more than 7000 Lyme patients using his novel approach, many of who have gone on to live healthy, symptom-free lives.
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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:28] Dr. Ingles background and journey with Lyme disease
  • [04:40] Did Dr. Ingles have to stop working during the time he had Lyme disease 
  • [08:45] What is Lyme disease
  • [10:15] Do you have to have the target rash in order to have Lyme disease 
  • [12:09] What kind of testing is there for Lyme disease 
  • [16:15] The process of diagnosing Lyme disease 
  • [19:45] How Dr. Ingles approach  differ from your experience 
  • [22:00] Five-step system to treating Lyme disease 
  • [29:45] Where does the autoimmune component come in
  • [36:00] Dr. Ingles final advice

Resources talked about in this episode

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77. Environmental Toxins and Women’s Health with Dr. Marianne Marchese

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