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77. Environmental Toxins and Women’s Health with Dr. Marianne Marchese

Episode Summary

Chemicals in the environment disrupt the normal activity of the thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. They also deplete vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and neurotransmitters, causing health problems. Without even knowing it, you’re being exposed every day. Dr. Marianne Marchese talks about these chemicals, how they increase the risk for endometriosis, cancer, infertility and other health problems.
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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:15] Why Dr. Marchese decided to focus  on environmental toxins 
  • [02:45] Chemicals build up in your body 
  • [04:00] How can you know if you’re being exposed
  • [05:20] What are forever chemicals 
  • [07:05] How you’re being exposed to dangerous chemicals 
  • [08:35] Tips to lowering your exposure to chemicals 
  • [11:05] Switching from plastic containers to glass containers 
  • [12:45] How these chemicals are affecting the human body 
  • [15:15] Who should be getting an evaluation 
  • [16:30] What is the best way to test for chemical exposure 
  • [18:20] Should you get your mercury filling removed 
  • [20:00] Treatment for environmental exposure 
  • [21:15] How saunas can help eliminate chemical exposure 
  • [23:00] What is chelation therapy 
  • [24:30] Dr. Marchese’s book
  • [27:00] the link between hyperthyroidism and perchlorate
  • [30:00] How does perchlorate get into drinking water 
  • [32:30] What motivated Dr. Marchese to write her book
  • [35:43] Dr. Marchese’s parting words

Resources talked about in this episode

79. Million Dollar Bones with Penelope Wasserman

79. Million Dollar Bones with Penelope Wasserman

Osteoporosis is a global epidemic. Too often people only think about their bones when they break one. Penelope Wasserman developed the Million Dollar Bones program in 2011 to help prevent osteoporosis by teaching healthy lifestyle habits to children decades before people are usually thinking about their bones. Her unique program is a sensory immersion experience that gets kids (and adults) excited about bone health.

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