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89. Substance Abuse and Brain Development with Dr. Krista Anderson-Ross

Episode Summary

Mental health challenges, the pandemic, social pressures and easy access to cannabis, alcohol and other drugs has created a teenage crisis larger than we’ve ever seen. Learn how the developing teen brain is affected by drugs and alcohol, and what we can do to help kids cope better with the stresses of daily life with Dr Krista Anderson-Ross.
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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:51] The impact of the pandemic on adolescent mental health
  • [5:30] Signs for parents to look out for in their teens
  • [11:32] Correlation between the pandemic and eating disorders in adolescents
  • [13:16] The breakdown of an adolescent’s key neurotransmitters
  • [18:06] Substances teens are turning to for dopamine replacement
  • [23:45] Infrequent cannabis use is still linked to depression
  • [25:05] Medication approach for treating adolescent mental health
  • [27:01] Nutritional deficiency and natural neurotransmitter development
  • [32:25] Nutrient and Neurotransmitter testing with adolescent patients
  • [36:02] Caffeine and adolescents
  • [39:24] Helping adolescents get back into the circadian rhythm 
  • [44:06] The impact of simple movements on mental health

Resources talked about in this episode

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91. Top Thyroid Nutrients

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