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How to Take Vitamin C To Bowel Tolerance

How to Take Vitamin C To Bowel Tolerance

The amount of oral vitamin C someone can tolerate depends on the person and their health. Studies indicate that when someone gets an infection, their ability to absorb vitamin C increases. This is because the body uses up a lot more vitamin C when it’s under stress and is an example of how your physiology adapts to meet your body’s needs. This phenomenon of increased vitamin C absorption is often called “to bowel tolerance.” It’s a technique I shared with many of my patients. This blog teaches you how you can use it to improve your health too.

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Top Six Benefits of Vitamin C

Top Six Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the body’s most important antioxidants. You need it to create collagen and for healthy bones, joints, skin, blood sugar regulation, and immunity. Vitamin C also supports cardiovascular, kidney, and liver health. But too many people aren’t getting enough. It’s fourth on the list of top micronutrient deficiencies in the United States. Learn how vitamin C helps and how much to take.

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