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Healthy Travel Tips Part 2—Beating Jet Lag


People wait all year long for summer to arrive and for them to take a vacation, often times with their family and friends. Romi and I travel domestically and internationally a lot for business and pleasure. Over the years we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t, for helping us feel rested and energized, during and after our trips.

This is part two in my three-part series on healthy travel tips. In this series I’m giving you practical, simple solutions that you can implement to make the most not only of your trip so you can enjoy it, but also that when you come home, you’re feeling energized and fantastic, and not as if you need a vacation from your vacation to recover.

Part one was about maintaining healthy circulation on the flight or the road trip, to help you feel your best and arrive with more energy. If you haven’t read that yet, be sure to by clicking here. You can also watch my Facebook Lives discussing healthy travel tips Part 1 (healthy circulation) and Part 2 (beating jetlag).  

Today’s tip is all about beating jet lag. How it can wreak havoc on your sleep, sap your energy and make it impossible to get the most out of where you’re at. And how with my practical and simple tips you can get over the jet lag quicker, adjust to the new time zone faster, and maximize your vacation fun instead of dragging your feet feeling exhausted.

1. Catch some zzzz’s on the flight

The first thing is that if it’s a long flight, perhaps overseas, take a nap on the plane. This is especially important if it’s a red eye and it will be daytime at your destination when you arrive.

If you’re one of the fortunate ones who can sleep like a baby on planes, then I’m a bit envious. Use that gift to your advantage. Get in a comfortable position and catch some zzzz’s while you’re en route.

But if you’re like Romi, me and countless other folks, you may need a little help with that. My Sleep Relief dietary supplement is a formula that I created specifically to help people fall asleep, get healthy, restful sleep and awaken refreshed. People have reported that they take it with them when they travel and it works fantastic to sleep on the flight and feel more rested when they arrive. Romi and I take it religiously on long flights when we need to sleep.

2. Unpack right away

After you’ve arrived wherever you’ll be staying, there are things we do right away. First, to start getting settled we unpack right away so it’s not hanging over our heads. Unpack your bags right away. It helps you relax and will make your transition easier.

3. Get the pillows you need

The second thing we do after getting to our room is to make sure it’s exactly how we want it. You’re paying money to be there, so make sure it’s what you need and want so you can have the most possible comfortable stay and get a great night’s sleep.

Check the pillows, make sure they’re the right firmness for you. If it’s not, call down and ask for what you want. If the pillows have synthetic fill and you prefer down, then ask for that too. Hotels are more than happy to accommodate and make sure their customers have a great stay. After all, that’s their business.

4. Check the comforter

Sometimes people sleep with a heavy blanket at home. They find that a certain weight is comforting and helps them sleep. Check the comforter and see if it seems like a perfect fit for you. If you want to have and an extra blanket or a heavier comforter, call down and ask for what you need.

5. Don’t drink alcohol (at least the first day or two)

Frequently when people get to their hotel and go out for dinner, they celebrate their vacation by having a cocktail or some wine. I mentioned alcohol in my first healthy travel tips FB Live and blog and how it’s important to not drink during your flight to help maintain your energy and circulation.

Once you arrive, however, stay away from the alcohol for at least the first day. While it can make you sleepy, it also can mess with your blood sugar and cause you to wake up during the night. That will then leave you more tired and less rested the next day. Plus, it’s helpful to keep your body well hydrated, and alcohol is a diuretic and can dehydrate you.

It’s important to get on a healthy sleep schedule to maximize the fun for your trip, so avoid the alcohol.

6. Stay awake until bedtime

A lot of people, they get to their destination, especially if it’s an overnight flight want to take a nap. I really caution you against that. You want to get as quickly on the time zone that you’re on.

So don’t take a nap. Push through until it’s a normal bedtime and then got to bed for the night. That’ll help you adjust much faster.

7. Set your ideal sleeping temperature

When you do go to sleep for the night, here are a couple of quick tips. Set the room temperature to 69 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s what research shows is the optimal temperature for sleeping, to allow your body to relax and to get a good night’s sleep.

8. Make the room dark and quiet

The other thing to do is to make sure the room is dark. Often rooms will have blackout curtains on the windows. So close those. Make sure it’s a dark room and it’s a quiet room so you can get a great sleep.

Take these tips and implement them. When you do you’ll notice how much faster you adapt to the new time zone and you’ll be starting your trip off on much stronger footing for a great time.

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