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17. Natural Strategies for Depression

Episode Summary

Depression is a global epidemic. The number of people living with depression rose to 322 million people in 2015, an 18% increase from just 10 years earlier. Too often antidepressant medications don’t work and have awful side effects that add additional problems to people’s depression. Thankfully, simple, integrative strategies people are effective at reversing depression without medications’ side effects.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:00] Understanding antidepressant medication and is it the right approach for you
  • [04:00] How effective are antidepressants
  • [06:55] Natural approaches to improving your mood
  • [10:30] Two techniques that can help motivate you to workout
  • [14:00] How yoga can help people struggling with anxiety and depression
  • [16:30] The connection between nutrition and depression
  • [22:20] How nutrient deficiencies can be an underlying cause of depression
  • [26:55] Thyroid deficiencies is a common cause of depression

Resources talked about in this episode

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18. Xpill with Robert Richman

18. Xpill with Robert Richman

Robert Richman is one of the world’s foremost experts in helping people create transformative growth in their lives and helping companies create cultures that unleash the power and potential of its employees.

20. Postpartum Depression with Dr. Sunita Iyer

20. Postpartum Depression with Dr. Sunita Iyer

Dr. Sunita Iyer has been in clinical practice as a midwife and naturopathic physician, and a graduate level educator for more than a decade. She’s attended more than 500 births and is an expert in prenatal and perinatal care of children and the women who bore them.

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