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For more than a decade NBI’s products have helped thousands of people in more than a dozen countries. As a valued NBI customer, not only are your purchases helping improve your health, you’re supporting nonprofits that advocate for better access to integrative medicine, supply nutritional support to at-risk children and help veterans pay for much-needed integrative medicine that the VA won’t cover.

While your purchases and our products are making a huge difference in people’s lives, we know there’s a lot more work to be done. And we’re passionate about helping as many people as we can. And that’s where you come in.

A Unique People-to-People Program

Personal stories are powerful. They provide the human element behind the hundreds of research citations supporting our products. Dr. Neustadt can write articles and books. He can lecture at medical conferencs. But nothing is more powerful than customers speaking direclty to others.

Their stories–your story–is the most powerful way to help people understand how NBI’s clinically-proven formulas might help them too. If you’ve watched videos of NBI customers talking about their experiences, then you understand how compelling they are. If you haven’t seen them I encourage you to take a look at

While many people have offered to film themselves sharing their NBI stories, many people haven’t been able to do so because they struggled with the technology. But now we’ve solved that challenge and we’d like to hear from you. We’ve implemented new video conferencing technology that not only makes it easier than ever to record a video but also lets Dr. Neustadt spend time with you. Our goal is to get 50 more customer stories and we want to hear from you.

Join Dr. Neustadt for a private, one-on-one video discussion of your health and experiences with NBI products. Before recording your customer story, participants will get to speak with Dr. Neustadt and ask him any health questions they’d like. Then on the video, simply tell your unscripted, unedited story of how you discovered NBI’s products and what your experiences have been like. All you need is a desire to help others and a computer with a video camera and speaker.

By participating in the NBI Customer Video Program, you understand that the video of you discussing your experiences with NBI products will be recorded. You further agree that that NBI may use your customer video for promotional purposes. Use this link to schedule time

And if you want to share your experience, but aren’t interested in recording a video, Dr. Neustadt would still love to hear from you and read how NBI has impacted your life. You can email your testimonial to